Psychokinetic I

by Bad Dudes

I believe the morning sun Always gonna shine again, and, I believe a pot of gold Waits at every rainbow's end, oh I believe in roses kissed with dew, Why shouldn't I believe the same in you? I believe in make believe, Fairy tales and lucky charms and, I believe in promises, yeah, Spoken as you cross your heart, oh, I believe in skies forever blue, Why shouldn't I believe the same in you? You may say I'm a fool, Feelin' the way that I do You can call me Pollyanna, Say I'm crazy as a loon, I believe in silver linings And that's why I believe in you! I believe there'll come a day, Maybe it will be tomorrow. When the blue bird flies away, All we have to do is follow. I believe a dream still can come true, Why shouldn't I believe the same in you? You may say I'm a fool (I'm a fool, I'm a fool), Feelin' the way that I do, I believe in friends and laughter And the wonders love can do, (can do), I believe in songs and magic And that's why I believe in you! You may say I'm a fool, (I'm a fool, I'm a fool), Feelin' this way about you, (about you, about you), There's not much I can do, (I can do, I can do) I'm gonna be this way my life through 'Cause I still believe in miracles, I swear I've seen a few. And the time will surely come When you can see my point of view. I believe in second chances, And that's why I believe in you!


This album is lovingly crafted by fans, for fans. As part of the "You Are Now EarthBound" Kickstarter project by Fangamer, Psychokinetic brings you all-new recordings of musical arrangements paying tribute to the MOTHER series (MOTHER, MOTHER 2/EarthBound, MOTHER 3). We hope you enjoy Psychokinetic!


released November 25, 2016


Fangamer, for inviting us to be a part of this amazing Kickstarter project,

Our Zealous Bass Backers (Kyle Schumacher, Josh Simmons, Jason Marks, and Emile Rosales) for their amazing contributions to the Kickstarter, and for picking great tracks for us to arrange,

Jon Kay and Audrey Waner for the fine album artwork, and Laura Verdin for her artwork contributions,

Cliff and Charles at, Taras "Pappy" Butrej, Tylr Gottsponer, Reid Young, all the staff at Fangamer, all of the fine Kickstarter backers that made this project possible, and to the composers whose incredible work has inspired us for so long - thank you for your music!

And thank YOU for listening!


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Bad Dudes

We are the most elite team of music producers, specializing in video game arrangements. The A-Team of remixing. The best of the best of the best

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